You can virtually melt away your FAT without strenuous dieting or excessive exercising. This is the best weight loss secret to come along in years – when you’re talking about FAST EFFECTIVE weight loss.


You might be afraid the “solution” will be worse than the problem, but let me assure you, it’s not! When you schedule an appointment you’re going to receive something that NOT only helps you lose weight, but also helps your appearance, your face, your complexion and even your body structure.

Listen, I am a regular practicing doctor in
Glenmoore, and I love helping people, just like you, lose that stubborn weight, without dieting, and then how to keep it off – permanently.

Safe & Easy!

My exclusive weight loss management system is completely SAFE and has been proven to work. It is based on scientific principles that cause almost immediate changes and is strictly administered along common sense protocols.

Here’s what most people don’t understand. When you’re heavy, you lose your strength, vitality, and you can become feeble. And on top of that you can age prematurely because your “fat” cells clog your body’s vital organs. That will change after you start utilizing this system. You may be like some people who have lost their figure due to this “fat” clogging weight gain.

The problem is, most overweight people are unable to find a simple, easy to follow system to reduce their fat and then keep it off. Even their coordination, daily movement and attractiveness are destroyed with this weight gain. That will all change when you start using this system.

Here is what I can do for you.

CALL the office NOW!. You won’t have to make any radical changes in your lifestyle with this program, … have surgery, or take any harmful drugs.

Your treatments are private and you will start to lose up to 1-2 pounds per day, depending on your size, age, condition of your body and follow through.

You will consult with me personally for follow up and questions. Once you’ve reached your desired weight, you’ll have your shape back, have more energy, and you’ll have your self-esteem back.

Doesn’t get any better than that!!

Get Rid Of YOUR FAT Now!

Eagle Chiropractic’s weight loss program is just what I needed, as I was discouraged by a number of other weight loss regimens that mainly counted calories. This program is not dependent on food journals or counting calories, but rather on eating healthy meals and snacks that fill you up. I learned that I could eat healthier foods and still enjoy my meals, but never get hungry I found that once my body was cleansed and accustomed to a healthier diet, I didn’t even want to reach for sweets or the typical salty, fatty snack foods. Apples, almonds, and other healthy snacks have become my go-to foods for hunger management. The best part of the program? I was able to lose weight even during those weeks where I was not able to exercise. I highly recommend this weight loss program not only as a way to lose weight and keep it off, but also as a way to become healthier.
Linda P.*

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Jo JurstWhen I saw the advertisement from Dr. Des regarding weight loss, I was at the point of accepting my overweight status for the rest of my life.  When my husband mentioned he saw the ad, too, and suggested I see what it was all about, it was the encouragement I needed to make an appointment.  I am so very pleased with my results while being on the program.  I originally only wanted to lose 20 pounds, but I am now down 27 pounds and still losing!!!  The best thing is that my achy joints and back pain have diminished to almost nothing and my blood pressure is lower than it’s ever been!!! To anyone who is interested in weight loss, I would certainly recommend this program – Jo Marie H.,
Age 68

LORIBefore coming to Dr. Des, I had hit the heaviest weight of my life-even heavier than when I was 9 months pregnant.  I thought I could fix it myself, but the more I stressed about my weight, the more junk food I ate, and the more weight I gained.  I was afraid I would never be able to lose it.  When I met with Dr. Des, I was desperate to try something new.  Dr. Des was an absolute savior!!  She gave me just the right mix of education, cheering, and tough love to get me where I needed to be.  After three months with Dr. Des, I was down from a size 16 to a size 6 or 8 and feeling great!  I am wearing the smallest sizes I have ever worn in my adult life. More than just a weight-loss program, my time with Dr. Des gave me my self-confidence back.  Thanks, Dr. Des, for your wonderful support, and for your incredible ability to make me feel at ease and comfortable in my own skin, even before I lost the weight.  I also thank you for giving me the skills to keep the weight off.  Unlike crazy diets, I learned to eat healthier, and I can maintain that.  Now, I have the tools to lead a healthy life and maintain a healthy weight!  I couldn’t have done it without you, Dr. Des!  – Lori H., Age 42

Mildred BI have spent a LOT of money on diets.  I have tried everything from Weight Watchers, LA Weightloss, Herbal life, gyms, etc.  Then one day, I saw my cousin Marie who lost a ton of weight, and I said “what are you doing to lose all of that weight?” She said “Girl, you need to call Dr. Des, she can help you,” and she gave me her card  I CALLED, I CAME, and I CONQUERED!!  I lost 9 pounds my first week on the diet, and it just went down from there.  I am now down 60 pounds and I am still losing weight and feeling great.  The best part is that I have lost this weight without exercising, which I could not do, because I just had knee surgery.  I am feeling great, and I am now just starting to work out and lift weights to tone.  This plan has been amazing, Dr. Des has been great.  Dr. Des has taught me how to eat right, and now I have plenty of energy.  I am no longer tired anymore!!  The best part has been all of the compliments that I have been getting from friends and people that I know.  They tell me how great I look and that I look so much younger  If you are hesitating about trying this program, don’t, I know at least 3 people that have now done Dr. Des’s program, and they have ALL lost weight and have been happy.  If I can do it, anyone can do it!! -Mildred B., age 50

NANCYHOLY COW! Literally, my “before” picture – my typical pose – trying to cover my large middle with my hand. I originally came to Eagle Chiropractic because I was feeling pressure in my back where my scoliosis is the worst.   The adjustment sessions were helping take the pressure off of my muscles and organs, but I knew that if I lost some of the extra weight that it would make a big difference as well.    During one appointment, I noticed and started reading the testimonials pinned up on the wall next to the receptionist’s desk and knew if I really wanted to help my back pressure, that I needed to lose some weight.    I went in for the free consultation with Dr. Des and was very hopeful!  So I signed up and my head was in the game from that day forward.  The first week, I think I lost 9 pounds!  Then a healthy 2 pounds per week for the next several weeks.   I started the weight loss plan in Mid-October and was nervous about getting through the holidays, but I am so glad I did the plan during this time period because it helped me avoid the really bad (but delicious) holiday foods.  During the holidays, I only lost 1 pound a week –  but I was thrilled that the scale was continuing to go down!  I lost a total of 25 pounds while on the program, and know I could have lost more if I stuck to the letter of the law and didn’t cheat!  But I was happy to know that I could maintain a normal lifestyle and still continue to lose at least 1 pound a week.  Good luck with your weight loss, get your head in the game, and you will be glad  you participated in Dr. Des’s program.  – Nancy S.